Fith Symposium on Cereal Physiology and Breeding SEFIMEC V

Fith Symposium on cereal Physiology and Breeding

First Circular – SEFIMEC V

FOCUS: knowledge and tools (including phenotyping) for further improving yield and quality (industrial and nutritional) of cereals grown under high-yielding as well as stressful (biotic and abiotic) conditions, in an environment facilitating scientific exchange and to synergies between cereal scientists of different degrees of maturity on a range of physiology and genetics issues that are relevant for breeding of cereals

PROGRAM: There will be three sessions (focused on Physiology of Yield, Genetics of Yield, and Grain Quality). In each of these sessions oral/poster presentations will include research on tools and methods used in the respective contexts (e.g. phenotyping or genotyping).

KEYNOTES: There will be three invited speakers to open each of the three sessions

Abstracts: 21 April 2023 (general final deadline)

17 March 2023 (to be considered for Oral Presentations)

Registration: Early Bird: Until 17 February 2023

Regular: From 18 February to 09 April 2023

Late: From 10 April to 08 May 2023

Gustavo A. Slafer:

Ignacio Romagosa:

Roxana Savin:

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Fecha de Inicio: 08/05/2023

Fecha de Finalización: 09/05/2023

Localidad: Lleida

Provincia: Lleida

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