VI Spanish Symposium on Physiology and Breeding of Cereals

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FOCUS. Knowledge and resources (genetic and technological) for the improvement of yield and quality (end-use and nutritional) of cereals in the current context of climate change and population growth. The goal
of this symposium is to create a fertile space for scientific exchange and to facilitate synergies between scientists working on issues of physiology, genetics, and breeding of cereals.

PROGRAM. There will be four sessions focused on i) Genetic and technological resources for yield improvement, ii) Adaptation to abiotic stresses, iii) Adaptation to biotic stresses, and iv) Improvement of cereal quality. In each of these sessions, there will be an invited keynote talk, oral communications, and poster/flash talk presentations.

KEYNOTES. There will be four invited speakers to open each of the four sessions.DEADLINES. Abstracts: 15 September 2024 (Final deadline). 15 July 2024 (to be considered for oral communications).

Registration: Early Bird: until 30 June 2024. Regular: from 1 July to 31 August 2024. Late: from 1 to 30 September 2024.


Rosa Morcuende:
Juan B. Arellano:

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Fecha de Inicio: 16/10/2024

Fecha de Finalización: 17/10/2024

Localidad: Salamanca

Provincia: Salamanca

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